Training Workshop in Zagreb, Croatia

The full day training workshop was held at the HEP ESCO headquarters in Zagreb, Croatia. The day included classroom presentations and discussions with interactive work on the A2PBEER retrofitting support guide and the financial tool. A case study using a virtual simulated model on an existing protected building in Zagreb by the architect Juraj Denzler was presented. 

The refurbishment and modifications of the windows, new lighting and control systems for lighting, air handling units and an installation of renewable energy source have been analysed in a virtual simulated model.
“Deep retrofitting actions focused on the passive elements of the building which can be cost effective and can lead to energy savings between 59 – 70% (primary energy) compared to pre-intervention status for the Optimal and most challenging Scenario 1, with payback periods between 11 and 18 years depending on the energy price scenario considered.”

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