Train the Trainer Workshop

The Train the Trainer Workshop was a great success.

cartoon-a2pbeerA comprehensive  “Train the Trainer” workshop was held at the Tecnalia headquarters in Bilbao, Spain in September 2016, where 15 trainers attended the workshop with additional partners also partaking in the event.

The two day A2PBEER Train the Trainer Workshop was designed and coordinated by Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT) with major input from other partners, to enable experienced professionals working in the field of retrofitting public buildings to train and upskill a cohort of experts who can deliver the A2PBEER Retrofit Training Workshops within their own countries. The intention is that these trainers will carry out a one day workshop to transfer knowledge on best practice energy efficient and financially viable retrofitting to public buildings using the learnings from the A2PBEER project. It is anticipated that a total of 250-300 individuals involved in the construction industry chain will be trained in energy efficient retrofitting of buildings across Europe.

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