Thermal Network

Smart Dual Thermal Sub-Station

In existing buildings, CHP or other systems may already be in installed, however these systems fall short in efficiency, maximisation and flexibility for a dual heating and cooling facility. In order to employ the dual thermal approach it will be necessary to install absorption/adsorption machines at building level and solar thermal systems with short term storage.  This will maximize the use of available free solar energy.

In traditional buildings, the thermal energy extracted from the district heating system, operates in a single direction and therefore any heat produced by solar energy during periods of low demand is not distributed efficiently to other buildings within the district. It is proposed to create bi-directionality, which will optimize the solar production and provide efficient storage capacity at district level, enabling the centralisation of all the individual solar and storage installations into one.

This proposed system will be flexible and modular, both at building and district level and can be easily replicated into many types of buildings.

Solar Collector System

ClimateWell® was formed in 2001 and is involved in developing innovative sustainable heating and cooling technologies. In 2010 they developed a thermal heat-pump component – CoolStoreTM.  It is a fully integrated solar collector system consisting of several tubes which provide space heating/cooling and hot water provision. Each CoolStore tube has a reactor and a combined condenser and evaporator. This patented fully integrated “Triple-State” absorption technology allows the system to be independent from electricity improving the energy efficiency for the building.

This system is the first solar collector in the world with combined heating, cooling and energy storage, delivering twice as much energy compared to today’s state-of-the-art solar collectors. This technology translates into a significant reduction of power consumption and carbon emissions.

climatewell tubesclimatewell collector


The prototype is a development from our state of the art integrated absorption solar collector using flat plate technology.

What did we want to investigate with this prototype?

Whether we could decrease the thermal losses and therefore obtain a higher efficiency of the system by using vacuum tube technology instead of flat plate technology.

Basically it is an absorption chiller integrated into a solar thermal collector and the reason for doing this is to simplify solar cooling installations and reach higher efficiency.

The pictures below show the manufacturing of the first sorption integrated vacuum tube collector.

 solar collectors

The Sydney type vacuum tubes convert solar irradiation efficiently into heat while providing excellent thermal insulation to the sorption modules.

The solar collector prototype was tested with success. Climatewell are still testing this protoype but is on target to be installed into the demonstration buildings.

solar collectore prototype

Solar collector prototype behind the artificial sky during testing in solar laboratory.