Building Envelope

With the introduction of the Recast of the EPBD Directive 2010/31/EU and the search for the Net Zero Energy Building, the use of VIP for retrofitting purposes has great potential to improve energy efficiency and building energy performance for new and existing buildings.

Vacuum Insulated Panels

The use of Vacuum Insulation Panels, VIP is proposed for the A2PBEER project and installations of the external and internal facades are being investigated.
VIPs are commercially available on the market and the insulation materials have excellent thermal conductivity properties, and when considering a high thermal resistance façade system, represent one of the most cost‐effective solutions to maximize the energy saving.

Isoleika®, has been in business since 1974 and have developed ISO-VAC Vacuum insulation panels (VIP’s). The ISO-VAC comprises of a micro-porous core with very low thermal conductivity. A vacuum is created by wrapping the core with a metalized film bag.

VIPside vip panel


The insulation thickness is lower in comparison to other systems (30mm instead of 200mm) so this means that the system is easy to install and customized to different building requirements. The use of VIP for retrofitting purposes has great potential in reducing the system’s thickness and weight and thereby reducing structural costs.

vip Isoleika facades

VIPs are commercially available with excellent thermal conductivity properties with the thermal conductivity of  λ=0,005W/mK, and when considering a high thermal resistance façade system, represent one of the most cost‐effective solutions to maximise energy saving. The thermal conductivity relative to other insulating materials is extremely low and the potential for energy savings would be significant.

The graph on the right illustrates the properties of the thermal conductivity of ISO-VAC TM compared to other common insulating wall materials.

External envelope
  • VIP panels: nominal size 600x1100mm vip thickness 30mm and rubber 3+3mmexternal facadesection of vip
  • PVC clip supporting VIP panel with profiled thermal breaks
  • Cladding



Internal envelopevip fixing
  • VIP Insulation:  thickness 30mm and rubber 3+3mm
  • Polythene vapour barrier
  • Mineral wool insulation 40mm incorporated within metal studs within free standing aluminium vertical profiles
  • 9mm OSB board to be used behind 15mm of plasterboard