Spanish Training Workshop at Tecnalia

The A2PBEER Training Workshops are underway and kicked off by Tecnalia.

TECNALIAcolor_300pppThe A2PBEER training workshops are being held around Europe at 9 different locations. It is intended to carry out three training workshops in Spain, the first is organised and managed by Tecnalia in Bilbao. This workshop involves a theoretical and practical delivery which includes a webinar to explain the technologies and the retrofitting process and a site visit to the A2PBEER Spanish demonstration building by showing implemented solutions developed in the frame of the A2PBEER project.

The webinar was held on 28th of February 2017 by Tecnalia in the frame of the A2PBEER and Certus Projects, both related to energy rehabilitation of public buildings. The webinar was titled “Como alcanzar los actuales requisitos de los edificios Zero Energía en los edificios públicos a través de nuevas tecnologías, asequibles y adaptables” as part of the A2PBEER training workshop in Spain. READ MORE

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