Shining Example of Smart Retrofitting

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Design and Build Review Magazine published an article in April on the ideas and strategies behind A2pbeer.

Design & Build Review is an exciting digital magazine for the design-build industry which takes a close look at the latest developments in architecture and construction using a unique advertising platform that takes a design-first approach to providing readers with engaging marketing and innovative branding opportunities.

This edition of Design and Build Review Magazine has capsulated the ideas and strategies in A2Pbeer by publishing an article titled:

 “How the A2pbeer project is a shining example of Smart Retrofitting for Public Buildings to meet 2030 energy efficiency targets”.

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Read all about A2pbeer – on Smart Retrofitting on Public Buildings

  1. Projects’ Goals and Aims
  2. Monitoring and Retrofitting Public Buildings
  3. Innovative Solutions
  4. Developing the Results through Training and Replication

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