A2PBEER Second Newsletter

One year on, the A2pbeer project has:

  • Assessed the demonstration sites
  • Determined the most suitable monitoring techniques and methods
  • Installed the monitoring equipment at the sites
  • Advanced the innovative technologies

The newspaper discusses the brochures, reviews the partners meeting at Ankara in September and the promotoes the recent release of Social Media.

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The main feature of the A2PBEER’s newsletter focusses primarily on the Demonstration Sites

looking at:

  •  PICTO_A2PBEER_2 Location
  • PICTO_A2PBEER_4  Structure
  • PICTO_A2PBEER_5  Design 
  • PICTO_A2PBEER_7  Use of the buildings

which all have a bearing on the needs of the end users and therefore the type of technologies to be involved in the retrofitting approach.

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Second Newsletter A2pbeer


 7 PICTOS_A2PBEER Further Newsletters

We hope to keep you updated with further newsletters once every 6 months, with the next one due in March 2015.

The next newsletter will discuss the types of technologies proposed for the project, they include innovative designs and prototypes.

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