Ankara – Vocational School

The final demo site, is a High School student’s dormitory in mid Turkey – Ankara.


A systemic retrofitting methodology will be implemented on the demonstration building, with replicability being able to be carried out to the rest of the buildings of the district at a later date.


The facade will be fitted with the proposed external super-insulated façade system. South facing windows will be replaced with the reversible smart window system whereas low-e glazing units will be fitted to the north facing facades.


Presence control and daylighting strategies will be deployed in the semi-occupied areas with the smart lighting system, combining fibre optic/natural light, LED systems and intelligent control. For the areas with clearly defined occupancy schedules, only daylighting strategies will be implemented.

Solar Type / Solar Collector System

A solar collector system will be installed on the sports hall building roof with optimized orientation and tilt. This system will provide for the domestic hot water demand and supplement the hot water required by the heating system of the building. This system will also assist with the provision of supply for the cooling system.


A mechanical ventilation system (AHU) will be installed in the building. The system will include heat recovery and economizer operation (for free cooling) and will operate on a variable ventilation flow rate basis with the installation of variable frequency drives on the fans of the AHU. This will minimize the heating and cooling energy consumption associated with ventilation and reduce electric usage.

Heating and Cooling Facilities

The existing hot water provision from the boilers will be supplemented with the installation of a micro-CHP unit. During the heating season the integrated unit will fulfil the heating and DHW requirements for the district and additionally enable on-site electricity production. Cooling will be provided via the installation of a dual thermal substation. The hot water supply for the heating and cooling modes in the substation will be provided by the on-site solar collector system and the district heating network. Additional thermostatic control valves will be installed on the radiators and automated actuators will be fitted in order to enable presence detection and window status driven control strategies. A short term thermal storage will be installed in order to improve the design and performance, of the solar collector system.

Domestic Hot Water

The solar collector and the cogeneration systems will provide the base load for the DHW supply. Any additional thermal load will be met by the boilers in the heating plant.


Ankara demo site is a high school campus, where the main high school building, consists of two dormitories, cafeteria building, staff apartments, sports center, auditorium and a social building.

The cafeteria and kitchen building has been selected for the installation of the following technologies:

The DHW will be provided by the installation of an absorption system using 49 smart solar collectors located on the roof top. The DHW will be provided for the entire district during the whole year and a cooling system will be provided to the dining area in the summertime.

Natural lighting will be provided to the darkest areas of the kitchen and dining room using 28 hybrid luminaires. This system is a controlled integrated system using 15 solar collectors (fourteen SP3 and one SP4-12) fiber optic cabling and LED lighting panels. The approved recommended lighting levels are achieved using minimum power consumption through the innovative control system deployed within the project.



The retrofitting works at Ankara is now complete. This involved a lot of work, not just in the procurement process but in particular the retrofitting installations. It is important that retrofitting to best practice was adhered to and the team at Ankara Aflivadem worked well as a team to ensuring specific installation of the collectors for the dual thermal network. A few final tweaks and the thermal network is up and running. We have provided a snippet of the installation in the following slideshows. Enjoy and well done to all the teams involved.

The lighting installation encountered some delays initially, but thanks to the efforts of Toshiba and Parans smart fiber optic lighting is provided in the cafeteria and the kitchen areas. We will now wait for the energy saving results!