Malmo – Technology and Maritime Museum

The next demo site is the Technology and Maritime Museum located in southern Sweden – Malmö.


The Swedish demonstration building is located in Malmö, in the southernmost part of Sweden. The building was constructed in the late 1950’s as a technology museum, which it still is today. A connecting building, not included in this project, was built in the 1970’s. There has been little refurbishment work carried out on the building with the exception of the replacement of double glazed windows to some of the windows. No major alterations have been made to the building envelope since the 1950´s.


The existing external walls will be fitted with additional insulation to improve thermal performance and reduce thermal bridging. Both traditional insulation methods and the super-insulating façade system will be installed. All rooflights will be removed and the entire roof will be fitted with additional insulation.

The proposed smart windows will be installed in the office and workshop areas on the ground floor, while conventional high performance windows will replace windows in all other areas. The glazed corridor linking to the submarine is likely to be replaced with rolling doors.

HVAC System

In the exhibition hall, the warm air distribution will be provided via ceiling fans improving thermal comfort and reducing energy demand. Photovoltaics will be installed on the roof of the connecting building.


The smart lighting system is to be installed in the basement and other parts of the ground floor.

Building Energy Management System

The existing BEMS is out of date and in most aspects non-functional. Installation of a new BEMS is required controlling the heating and the ventilation system and the lighting in the building.


ENVELOPE: The external envelope to the ground and first floor of the building is to be retrofitted with 656.25 m2 of the external ventilated façade with the intention of reducing the thermal fluxes through the opaque façade in, thus warrantying proper hygrothermal performance for preventing early degradation and reduced service life.

Certain parts of the façade could not be retrofitted with the external façade due to the location of an existing ramp and path regularly used by lorries and therefore using the external ventilated system was not appropriate. Two work rooms located on the ground floor of the western façade have therefore been internally retrofitted with 90 m2 of the internal super-insulated façade. The Malmo team worked efficiently and carefully to install the external ventilated façade. Some of the VIP units were damaged during delivery and special attention to the delivery process and storage were noted for best practice retrofitting techniques.

Additional to the installation of the internal super insulated façade, two reversible windows that cover an area of 3.6 m2 have also been installed to the two work rooms.

A number of high performance windows have replaced the low quality existing double glazed windows to the western façade and replaced the existing aluminium rooflights on the rooftop.

LIGHTING: The existing luminaires to the entire office area and workshop area of the building have been replaced with 247 luminaires. 30 of these luminaires are hybrids and have been located in the darkest areas of the offices and corridors to the ground and first floor. These luminaires are connected to 5 solar collectors mounted on the façade and provide natural lighting to areas with no access to windows. The required recommended lighting levels for each working space have been reached using minimum power consumption through the use of innovative control systems deployed within the project.



The new energy efficient ventilation system has improved the indoor air quality within the main areas and the smaller offices and workshops.

The two sluices which connect the main building to the submarine have been improved by reducing the heat flows by convection between the submarine and the museum.

Well done to the Malmo team RETROFITTING TO BEST PRACTICE and on time.