November 2016

Translations of the second brochure into Italian, Spanish and Turkish are available to download.

Italian Version                                              Spanish Version                                Turkish Version

turkish italian spanish


September 2016

The second brochure now available in Croatian, Hungarian and Polish.

Croatian Version                                             Hungarian Version                           Polish Version

coatian   hungarian polish


August 2016

The second brochure has been translated into French and Swedish.

French Version                                             Swedish Version



July 2016

The second brochure has been successfully developed. This brochure complements the first one and clearly outlines the project progress. Moreover it provides hints for the up-coming training sessions and exploitation strategy.

English Version

A2PBEER_FLYER_2016_EN_Final_Page_1 A2PBEER_FLYER_2016_EN_Final_Page_2


Sept 2014

The first brochure has been designed and distributed to all the countries ahead of the Partners Conference in Ankara, Turkey on the 15th and 16th September 2014.

The brochure clearly outlines the project and how A2PBEER hopes to carry out its objectives and aims. A brief summary of the technologies have been discussed to give a flavour of the advanced and innovative technologies being used. The demonstration sites are located in Spain, Sweden and Turkey and each will be looked at separately as the project develops.

The brochures have now been translated into 9 languages and these can be accessed below:

                  CROATIAN Version                                TURKISH Version                                    


                    FRENCH Version                                  HUNGARIAN Version 


                 ITALIAN Version                                        POLISH Version


                  SPANISH Version                                       SWEDISH Version


                ENGLISH Version