Seventh Newsletter December 2017

This newsletter highlights the success of the training workshops held around Europe and discusses the best practice retrofitting at each of the demonstration sites. So take a look at the slideshows and we will post additional videos demonstrating the retrofitting process or view these at our YouTube page.

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  Sixth Newsletter May 2017

The training workshops around Europe are well underway and this newsletter lists the venues and how to register at these events. The demonstration sites are being retrofitted so watch this space for the results from these sites in the next newsletters.

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Fifth Newsletter November 2016

This is the 5th newsletter for A2PBEER project and so much has happened since the last issue.  We will discuss the last project meeting and the Train the Trainer workshop and other events around Europe. The main feature is dedicated to the monitoring of the demo sites. 

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PICTO_A2PBEER_7 Fourth Newsletter April 2016

This is the 4th newsletter for A2PBEER project and a lot has happened since September.  We will show the last 2 project meetings and events around Europe. The main feature is dedicated to the retrofitting of the demo sites.

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PICTO_A2PBEER_2  Third Newsletter August 2015

Welcome to A2PBEER’s third newsletter bringing you up to date with the progress of the project. Read about: the partners meeting in Brussels in March, how to download brochures, pull ups and posters and upcoming events in Europe with the new Events Guide.
The main feature of the newsletter will focus on the technological solutions looking at the development and testing of the prototypes.

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PICTO_A2PBEER_5  Second Newsletter November 2014

One year on, the A2pbeer project has: Assessed the demonstration sites Determined the most suitable monitoring techniques and methods, Installed the monitoring equipment at the sites, Advanced the innovative technologies

The newspaper discusses the brochures, reviews the partners meeting at Ankara in September

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PICTO_A2PBEER_4 First Newsletter March 2014

The first newsletter has finally arrived! Further newsletters will keep you posted of events and meetings held by the partners.

The progress of the project will also be updated over a period of 3 years looking at the technologies involved,

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