Monitoring of Rectory Building UPV / EHU


Find below a link to a paper written by UPV/EHU on the monitoring of the office building in Leioa, Spain.

This Paper is available to download in Spanish only  Paper – Ponencia Koldo Martin

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ABSTRACT in English
Buildings consume about 40% of the total energy consumed in Europe.Rehabilitation  efficient energy plays an essential role in meeting the 20-20-20 targets
of the EU. You can achieve greater impact through interventions in non-residential buildings, since their energy consumption is 40% higher than that of residential buildings.30% of non-residential buildings are public buildings in Europe.
In this regard, under the Seventh Framework Programme is developing the project A2PBEER (Affordable and Adaptable Public Buildings through Energy Efficiency Retrofitting). It is a project that implements an innovative European methodology for energy efficient rehabilitation public buildings in different climatic zones and for various uses.
In particular one of the buildings on which it is to raise the rehabilitation is the Chancellor of the UPV / EHU located in Leioa, a public building for office use. The first phase of the
project is to monitor different areas of the building in the most characteristic variables for the analysis of energy consumption and comfort (temperature, heating consumption, consumption power, relative humidity, CO2 concentration and lighting).
The objective is two fold; on the one hand the current situation of the building for analysis about their potential for energy savings, pointing out the weaknesses in the face of
energy renovation. On the other hand, patterns of use of the building will be obtained, such as occupation or ventilation, will play an important role in final consumption. In this paper we present the main conclusions are drawn from large-scale monitoring carried out in this complex office building.
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