Lighting up the Kubic building

The prototype of the combined sun- and artificial light fixture are ready and currently being tested at Tecnalia in Bilbao.

There is a Parans SP3-collector on the roof and a combined sun- and artificial light fixture  with sensors monitoring the light level on the inside. The artificial light source from Toshiba is based on available natural light and dimming controls within the system which will adjust the required lighting levels. Please find here pictures for the prototype installation at the KUBIC building.

 the kubic building 2  parans on roof

This dark room is illuminated by a smart sunlight and artificial light controlled lighting system.  In the pictures below inside the room there are no windows and the door was closed. This lighting was only lit by sunlight at the time so imagine the energy savings by not using artificial light all the time.

Borja from Tecnalia and Federico from Toshiba are no longer in the dark!

inside the kubic with light all  inside the dark room!“Thanks to the WP4 group for all the hard work they have put into developing the lighting system in the first 18 months of the project. The first prototype is now available at the Tecnalia Kubic demo building. The sample installed during the last days of February 2015 is able to perform all the technical characteristic of the final demo kit. The experience of WP4 sample installation will be able to speed up the project development” 

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