Isoleika at Smart Mondragon


At Mondragon in the Basque region of Spain,  Isoleika presented A2PBEER at a meeting based on “innovation keys and future trends of ECO technologies and Urban solutions”

There were 18 cooperative companies presenting their technological services within the SMART MONDRAGON meeting, where MONDRAGON intends to show to all the attendants (specially to the attendants of the Basque Government) the different capacities and services that the MONDRAGON GROUP could offer related to SMART CITIES.


The Smart MONDRAGON exhibition encourage the attendees to learn onsite about the strategies and latest technologies of the Mondragon Group within the following areas:

  • Governance and participation of the citizens
  • Mobility and intelligent transport
  • Infrastructures and sustainable edification
  • Energy efficiency and circular economy

Within the attendees of the Basque Government, various officials and employees from different levels of the administration attended the meeting. This was important as many of them are related directly or indirectly with “Smart City” projects…, such as:

  • Basque government departments and partnership agencies
  • District governments (Diputación foral in Spanish)
  • City major, mancommunities and local development agencies

In total, as mentioned above, up to 18 different participants have co-operated together to plan and set down this SMART MONDRAGON exhibition day, which holds several presentations divided into different categories of technologies and presented in two workshops in different rooms.
In addition to the institutional attendees, the SMART MONDRAGON exhibition welcomed many other interested people or companies who were interested in Smart Cities. The participants and attendees acknowledged favourably the valuable and updated information about the latest services and technologies that the Group is able to provide related to the Smart City solutions.

Download factsheet smart mondragon Factsheet

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