Great training in Malmo

The training workshop at Malmo Live was a great success with the attendance of 13 architects, building owners and managers, representatives from the construction industry and Malmo Stad.

The Malmo trainers, Olle, Maria, Dan, Bjorn and Maria from Malmo Stad and IVL presented the technologies developed in A2PBEER. This followed with a site visit to the museum where the building project manager, Peter Hingstrol and the main contractor Hakan Stenstrom explained how the external façade was retrofitted. They both have a positive response to the products and the ease of installation. It was interesting to hear first hand on the views of retrofitting not only from the site supervisor but also from the contractor themselves. The workshop continued with the presentation of the retrofitting support guide by Dan Persson. It is important to encourage interaction so the attendees were divided into 2 groups to work on the tool by “learning by doing”. The workshop continued with Maria Ahlm organising a discussion and presentation on the following:

  1. How do you work with energy efficient retrofitting today?
  2. What possibilities do you see to use the products presented in the A2PBEER project?
  3. What incentives are necessary to make this happen? (Use of innovative products)
  4. Who needs to act to make this happen?

Each group delegated a speaker who presented their own findings and these will soon be available on the you tube channel.

Finally the financial tool and LCC analyser were presented by Ingemar Jonsson with great interest.

We took a number of other videos during the day including short interviews and will upload these on the A2PBEER you tube channel. Take a look at the project so far at YOU TUBE


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