World Sustainable Energy Days

1st Mar 2018 – 2nd Mar 2018 all-day

What an event! So much happening and so much to see. The main hall provided an array of presentations from Energy Efficient Economy and Tomorrow’s Buildings and many interesting speakers.

As part of Technology Innovation: Energy and Buildings, a panorama of innovation projects were presented which included A2PBEER: Demonstrating retrofitting solutions in public buildings. We firstly would like to thank Espen Foss Johansen (Boligbygg Oslo KF) from our Advisory Board, for chairing the event. A2PBEER partners presented the innovative technologies and why they were installed into each of the 3 demonstration sites. Lessons learned from the demonstration sites were presented as energy savings and improved comfort levels for the occupants. To follow the A2PBEER retrofitting support guide and financial tool were presented and questions and answers were carried out. A number of students and researchers attended the A2PBEER workshop and were interested in the final results and recommendations.

WSED does only a hold a conference and workshops but also host a large (I mean large!) number of products and service providers in the field of energy efficiency and renewables for buildings and transport. Some unique and forward thinking products out there.

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