Malmo, Sweden 2017

28th Mar 2017 – 29th Mar 2017 all-day
maritime museum malmo sweden
Henrik Smithsgatan 13
211 56 Malmö

What a wonderful place! The project meeting in Malmo was so well organised. Well done to the Malmo team. The meeting was held over 2 days with the first day discussing the progress of the retrofitting of the demonstration sites in Bilbao, Ankara and Malmo. We held intense discussions on the delivery deadlines, installation methodologies, retrofitting deadlines and monitoring procedures. In the afternoon we visited the Maritime museum displaying the installation of the internal and external façade, reversible windows and the lighting. As you can imagine not only are the insulating properties of the envelope important, but the extensive lighting requirements for the museum is a necessity in order to achieve 50% energy savings. As part of the visit we entered the submarine what an amazing  and intriguing addition to the museum

The second day covered the topics around dissemination, exploitation and training with discussions on the 14 training workshops ready to be carried out around Europe and how to replicate the findings and results from the A2PBEER project through transfer of knowledge. An eventful time in Malmo.

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