Training Workshops

A key component of the training aspect of the project is that a cohort of  expert trainers (primary) are developed across the EU who can utilize the materials and data gathered from the A2PBEER project to train and upskill other trainers (secondary) within their own countries. it is intended that these trainers will advise and assist building owners and management in the realms of energy efficient retrofitting of public buildings and districts.


There were training workshops held in eight countries around Europe at SMEs and the A2PBEER demonstration buildings from November 2016 to February 2018. These ran in Croatia, France, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and Turkey and far reached our target of 150-300 trained. We succeeded to train 310 stakeholders within the field of construction industry (policy makers, architects, engineers, building owners, SMEs and construction workers) and these in turn have passed on their newly acquired knowledge to other work colleagues.

After completing the Train the Trainer workshop,  14 trainers are now certified to train others, covering the following topics:

  • Discuss in detail the training content on the A2PBEER Course.
  • Describe advanced technologies, demonstrated in the A2PBEER project, which may be utilised in a retrofit project.
  • Give instructions on the use of Moodle for teaching, assessment and student interaction
  • Agree different assessment strategies and pedagogical approaches.

The key component of the future training programmes is based around the retrofitting of a demonstration case study buildings. The content reflects both new construction, renovation and change of use scenarios from each stage of the demonstration project development.

Download the proposed descriptor for the Training Workshops: a2pbeer-training-smes-and-demonstration-site-programme_v1

The completed Training Workshops were held at the following venues: