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A2PBEER 7th Newsletter is out

This newsletter highlights the success of the training workshops held around Europe and discusses the best practice retrofitting at each of the demonstration sites. So take a look at the slideshows and we will post additional videos demonstrating the retrofitting process or

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Great training in Malmo

The training workshop at Malmo Live was a great success with the attendance of 13 architects, building owners and managers, representatives from the construction industry and Malmo Stad. The Malmo trainers, Olle, Maria, Dan, Bjorn and Maria from Malmo Stad and IVL presented the technologies developed in

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Training in Malmo, Sweden

A training workshop in Malmo will take place at the events centre Malmo Live, Sweden on 3rd May 2017. The full training day will explain the importance of retrofitting public buildings to best practice standards, by using tools developed in the A2PBEER project and a site visit

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Fitting the Solar Collectors at Ankara

Exciting news……Climatewell have been busy with the installation of the solar collectors at the Aflivadem vocational school in Ankara, Turkey. A video has been created to show the installation process. CLICK HERE So now they are close to completing the

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Project Meeting in Malmo, Sweden

The A2PBEER partners will be attending a two day meeting in Malmo, Sweden on March 28-29th 2017. The A2PBEER project have finalised the innovative technologies which have been designed, developed and tested and are now being installed into the demonstration buildings. The demonstration buildings

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Proposed Training Workshops

We have now trained 14 A2PBEER certified trainers to advise and assist building owners and management in the areas of energy efficient retrofitting of public buildings and districts. It is proposed to carry out 14 training workshops in 9 countries around Europe in

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New smart window video

The A2PBEER technologies are well developed at this stage and are currently being retrofitted into the demonstration sites at Bilbao, Malmo and Turkey along with other innovative technologies. To show you how the smart window works, Bergamo® Tecnoligie Spzoo  have produced an

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A2PBEER Newsletter 5

This is the 5th newsletter for A2PBEER project and so much has happened since the last issue.  We will discuss the last project meeting and the Train the Trainer workshop and other events around Europe. The main feature is dedicated to

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Retrofitting starts at Ankara demo site

Great News. The first part of the installation of the ClimateWell Collectors at the Ankara demo site in AFLIVA-Dem vocational school has been completed. AFLIVA has been working with the control system and the commissioning  and start-up is going to start this next

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A2pbeers’ 4th Newsletter

This is the 4th newsletter for the A2PBEER project and a lot has happened since September.  We will discuss the last 2 project meetings and events around Europe. The main feature is dedicated to the Retrofitting of the demo sites: Click here

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