A2PBEER at the First Congress of Engineers in Lecce, Italy

Members from various Engineer Organisations within the Mediterranean Regions attended a 3 day event on the 8th-10th May 2014. D’Appolonia (partner with A2PBEER) provided a concise presentation on the principles, methodologies and innovative technologies intended for the A2PBEER project.

One of the main objectives of the presentation was to introduce A2PBEER and outline the proposed systemic energy efficient retrofitting methodology for Public buildings including:

  • High performance envelope retrofitting based on an external and internal super-insulated (VIP–Vacuum Insulated Panels) façade retrofit
  • Smart windows
  • Smart lighting systems combining LED and natural light using fiber-optics.
  • Smart Dual Thermal Substation, a new approach to district heating, based on a smart grid functionality and the integration of the heating and cooling elements.

The target of the initiative was to facilitate the cooperation among engineers for the development and the safeguard of the implementation of nearly zero energy buildings, with the focus on initiating the mobility of engineers particularly within the mediterranean area.

Details of the event can be viewed on the link: http://eventi.salentocongressuale.it/it/congressi/1-first-conference-of-the-engineers-of-the.aspx

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