A2PBEER First Newsletter

copy-logo1.jpgThe first newsletter has finally arrived!

Further newsletters will keep you posted of events and meetings held by the partners. The progress of the project will also be updated over a period of 3 years looking at the technologies involved, monitoring and evaluation of the demonstration sites and the replication impact on public buildings around Europe.

The first newsletter includes:

  • logo bit r     Overview of Project
  • logo bit b        Demonstration Districts
  • logo bit e        Retrofitting
  • logo bit p      Technological Solutions
  • logo bit a      Results and Training

Click on the link below to view and download the newsletter and enjoy!

A2PBEER first Newsletter

Further Newsletters

We hope to keep you updated with further newsletters once every 6 months, with the next one due in September. This will describe the retrofitting strategy for the demonstration buildings and outline the monitoring procedures. Further details on the technologies will also be presented.

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