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The Architects’ Council of Europe (ACE) hosted an Energy Day to present three FP7 projects in which it plays a leading role – LEEMA, iNSPiRe and A2PBEER.

The day was a great success with attendees from Easme, EU commission, Architects and Engineers.

A very interesting day with great insight into the developments of insulated materials for the external envelopes from A2PBEER, iNPSiRe and LEEMA and lighting innovations from A2PBEER and iNPSiRe projects.

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The innovative technologies for the external envelopes of the projects are very well advanced with A2PBEER discussing the approach to retrofitting the ventilated envelopes and the use of the vacuum insulation panels and reversible windows for heating and cooling. In both cases prototypes have ben advanced and will be fitted into the demonstration sites in the next few months. iNPSiRe focussed on façade retrofitting solutions with presentations of a timber-frame retrofitting solution with integrated water pipes and decentralised ventilation as well as a centralised system for heating and domestic hot water.

The second session focussed on novel insulation materials being developed by the LEEMA project with new generation inorganic insulation materials and building insulation masonry components with lower embodied energy such as using loose fillings, geopolymers, insulated bricks, fiber boards and foamed blocks.

Finally, the third session focussed on lighting innovations that can dramatically reduce energy use in many types of buildings. Both the iNPSiRe project and A2PBEER presented looking at pre-fabricated ceiling panels, capturing direct sunlight for use internally and combining natural light with LED and fibre optic advances directing natural sunlight into the buildings.

Delegates had an opportunity to question all project partners taking part in this event and learn first hand about the innovations that will very soon be on the market and providing huge reductions in energy use and energy costs across Europe.

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The presentations will be available shortly and will be put within the events area.

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