A2PBEER presented at the II Congress of Nearly Zero Energy Buildings, Spain

On 6th-7th May 2014, A2PBEER was introduced to members of the Congress in Madrid, Spain by Víctor Sánchez from Tecnalia (Research and Innovation). A summary of the principles, methodologies, technologies and replicability techniques were presented. This presentation included the development, demonstration and evaluation of:

  • various technology solution KITs
  • a systemic innovative methodology for the retrofitting of Public buildings, Nearly Zero Energy Buildings and Districts.
  • the installation of the retrofit systems into 3 demonstration districts
  • the implementation of the KIT systems and methodologies into 3 virtual pilot schemes using simulation packages for verifying energy savings.

It is intended that A2PBEER will deliver the following:

  • A reduction of more of the 50% of energy consumption in comparison to the existing values of the demonstration districts.
  • Investment returns of 7 years (in the case of deep retrofitting).
  • Demonstration of retrofitting in public buildings, prioritizing actions on buildings of poor performance.
  • Replicability of the methodology and KIT solutions in different public buildings, districts and European climates.
  • Provide a new generation of qualified workers, managers and SMES with the understanding of deep retrofitting and nearly zero energy buildings.  

Presentation by TecnaliaCongress PanelPartners and other membersInformal Discussions

A2PBEER will show that it is technically viable and profitable to reduce the current energy consumption of public buildings using innovative retrofitting systems with a systematic approach. The process will be easily replicated into buildings with various uses with different climatic conditions.

You can find out more about the event at (http://www.congreso-edificios-energia-casi-nula.es)

For more information click on the link: www.a2pbeer.eu

or contact: Eneritz.barreiro@tecnalia.com

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