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A2PBEER Demonstration Building in Malmö

Yesterday and today part of the A2PBEER partners met in Malmö, Sweden, to discuss the final stages of the project. We also used the opportunity to visit the Swedish demonstration building, the Technology and Maritime Museum. In this photo you

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Videos showing the Retrofitting the Demo Sites

Take a look at the first of the short video clips showing the Retrofitting of the 3 A2PBEER Demonstration Sites. Maritime Museum Malmo Sweden Creche at the University, Bilbao, Spain Cafeteria at the Vocational School, Ankara, Turkey  

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New A2PBEER You-tube button

Take a look at the new You-tube button on the A2PBEER website All videos from the project can be viewed and uploaded. Enjoy  

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Exploitation pitches

We have now compiled playlists on the A2PBEER Youtube channel. One of the playlists include the exploitation pitches held at one of our A2PBEER project meetings. So take  a look at PITCHES We are constantly updating the A2PBEER Youtube channel

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Fitting the Solar Collectors at Ankara

Exciting news……Climatewell have been busy with the installation of the solar collectors at the Aflivadem vocational school in Ankara, Turkey. A video has been created to show the installation process. CLICK HERE So now they are close to completing the

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Spanish Training Workshop at Tecnalia

The A2PBEER Training Workshops are underway and kicked off by Tecnalia. The A2PBEER training workshops are being held around Europe at 9 different locations. It is intended to carry out three training workshops in Spain, the first is organised and

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Project Meeting in Malmo, Sweden

The A2PBEER partners will be attending a two day meeting in Malmo, Sweden on March 28-29th 2017. The A2PBEER project have finalised the innovative technologies which have been designed, developed and tested and are now being installed into the demonstration buildings. The demonstration buildings

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Proposed Training Workshops

We have now trained 14 A2PBEER certified trainers to advise and assist building owners and management in the areas of energy efficient retrofitting of public buildings and districts. It is proposed to carry out 14 training workshops in 9 countries around Europe in

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